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Welcome To Q-Log Controls and Systems

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer

Q-Log Controls and Systems is a electronics manufacturing and control’s engineering company based in Pune. Q-Log controls and Systems is ISO9001:2015 certified unit. All the products from Q-log are CE marked.

Q-Log controls has given complete technical solutions for incremental encoder connectivities. Q-Log Control has developed Encoder splitters, Encoder splitters with multiple outputs, HTL<->TTL converters, Differential to single ended converters and encoder repeaters. Q-Log has solution to connect simulated encoder pulses or incremental encoder pulses to any control device or control system. In short, Q-Log controls provides solution to connect pulses to incompatible control device or system.

Q-Log products are of international standard and has exported products to USA, Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and U.A.E. Q-Log came in existence to give technically superior and cost effective complete solution to the customer. We are the best controls partner for any automation project. We use PLCs, AC/DC/Servo drives and HMIs from reputed brands like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, Baumuller, Delta, Renu and Allen Bradley. 

We are the best controls partner for any automation project. We use PLCs, AC/DC/Servo drives and HMIs from reputed brands like Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, Baumuller, Renu and Allen Bradley. We do system integration by choosing best suitable PLC, drives, motion controller and HMIs.

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our proucts

Encoder Splitter

Encoder splitter receives six signals from increamental encoder or simulated encoder output

PMDC Drive

Phase Controlled PMDC drive useful for controlling the speed of PMDC motor

Signal Convertor

This module receives differential signals and converts differential signal into single ended signals

Load Cell Amplifier

This unit is very useful tool to interface load cell as an input to the Indicators

Optoisolator Board

An optoisolator is a component that transfers electrical signals between two isolated circuits

Power Supply Modules

Used to make redundant power supply in a control system

SSR Board

This is a opto-Transistor with optical isolation between input signal and output signal


This is very cost effective solution for the analog signal power supply

Our Customers

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