24/12/10/5 VDC @3.0A

24/12/10/5 VDC @3.0A

Linear regulated power supply: This is a 24VDC or 12VDC or 10VDC or 5VDC linear regulated power supply and consists a step down transformer. The output is almost ripple free. The power supply do not induce any noise. This power supply is ideal for PLC, encoder, controller, sensors, embedded systems, proximity switches etc. The output is short circuit and thermal overload protection. The power supply is compact and DIN rail mountable. This linear power supply is very cost effective.

Technical Specifications

  • Regulated power supply 24 VDC/12VDC/10 VDC/5 VDC@ 1.5A or 3.0A
  • Input:2 30 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output has short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • Surge protection provision for transformer primary
  • DIN rail mountable


  • Power supply inside controls panel for PLC
  • Reference power supply
  • Auxiliary power supply in control panel
  • Encoder supply
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 24/12/10/5 VDC @3.0A

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