AC Solid State Relay Board: This is a opto-Triac with optical isolation between input signal and output signal. This is to be used for switching 24V-600VAC,50/60Hz supply by 5V-230 VDC input signal.


  • DIN rail mountable
  • Eight/Four phototriacs on a single board
  • LED indication for input signal
  • Positive supply common/negative supply common selection by jumpers for i/p signal
  • Output points in one/two groups. Each group consists four o/p points
  • Individual o/p point can be grouped / ungrouped by jumper selection

Technical Specifications

  • Input signal voltage: 20 VDC-28VDC28VDC/4-9 VDC / 10-15 vdc
  • Max. input current: 20 mA @24VDC
  • Max. output voltage:600 VAC
  • Min.output voltage:24 VAC
  • Max. load (rms) per output point:1 Amp
  • Peak non repeatitive surge current:10 Amp
  • Input to output electrical isolation: 3.55 KV Max.
  • Voltage drop in output voltage: 1.7 V @ 1 Amp load
  • Switching delay Off to ON and ON to OFF:Less than half cycle
  • Load type:Resistive and Inductive
  • Size:8 point :- 118x90x50 (WXHXD) 4 point :- 62x90x50 (WXHXD)
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  • For switching contactors from PLC outputs.
  • To switch Air conditioner, microwave ovens, washing machines, personal hygiene systems, refrigerators, fan heaters, domestic fans, inductive heating cookers, water heaters directly from controller outputs.
  • For switching AC loads like single phase motors, AC actuators, AC solenoid valves, AC electromagnets in industrial use directly from controller outputs. 
  • In all applications where we need very fast switching and require isolation between driver and driven circuits. The load can be inductive or resistive.

Optoisolator Vs Relay Comparison


Solid State Relay Board

Relay Board


Switching time 10 mS max

Switch ON time 20mS and Switch OFF time 20 ms


No limitation on number of operations at 1 Amp load

300,000 operations is limit at 2A/230 V load


Space 120x87(mm) for 8points

Space 150x87(mm) for 8 points


Max. load 50mA per point

Max. load 2A per point

5 To be used for AC switching Can be used for AC/DC switching


Available in 4/8 points variants.

Solid State Relay boards with input signal other than 24VDC can be supplied on demand.


CE Certified, PCB: IEC 61373

Optoisolator: UL/VDE, Connectors: CE

Profile & end plates: UL

Caution:- Do Not Use SSR BOARD For Switching DC Supply!
NOTE:- Due to continuous product development the product supplied to you may look different than the product image in the pdf file.

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