DC-DC Converters

24-15/10/8/5 VDC1A

This DC-DC converter is ideally suitable for converting 24 VDC power supply in to regulated 15/12/10/8/5 VDC power supply. The output has short circuit and thermal overload protection. This is very cost effective solution for analog signal power supply, encoder power supply in all applications. Converter is DIN rail mountable.

Technical Specifications

  • Input supply 24-10 VDC@1A
  • Output supply: 15/12/10/8/5 VDC@1A
  • Output has short circuit and thermal overload protection


  • As a reference supply for analog inputs
  • Power supply for photosensors/proximity switches / special electronic modules etc
NOTE:-Due to continuous product development the product supplied to you may look different than the product image in the pdf file.
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24-15/10/8/5 VDC1A

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