Encoder Splitter A/B/Z 1000KHz

Encoder Splitter 1000KHz Technical Information

The function of Encoder Splitter: Encoder splitter receives six signals from an incremental encoder or simulated encoder output from servo drive and converts these signals into two sets of encoder signals. The output signals are optically isolated from the input signals.


  • Input signals 3-10 or 10-30VDC
  • Sink / Source/ Push pull / Open collector (Transistor) outputs.
  • Supply voltage 24-30 VDC@1Amp
  • Output pulse voltage 5/10/24 VDC as per customer’s requirement.
  • Each output can drive150mA load.
  • Din rail mountable
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Order Code

Encoder Specifications

Order Code

I/P: 4-10Vpp, DIN rail mounted


I/P: 4-10Vpp, BOX mounted


UP: 10-24Vpp, DIN rail mounted


I/P: 10-24Vpp, BOX mounted


Technical specifications

Input signal voltage: 3 VDC-30VDC, available is 2 varients 3-10VDC/10-30VDC

Max. input current: 5 mA

Min. input current: 1.6 mA

Max. output voltage: 30 VDC

Min.output voltage: 5.0 VDC


a) Connecting one encoder to two independent control systems.

b) As an encoder signal booster and reducing high-frequency noise.

c) To connect incremental encoder with Incompatible signal level to control system.

d) For connecting one signal level (5-30 VDC) to another signal level (5-15 VDC) with isolation. 100 G?
Max. load per output point: 150 mA

Continuous power dissipation at (or below) 25°C free-air temperature: 200mW

Input to output electrical isolation: 3.55 KV

Max. Voltage drop in output voltage: 0.7 V @ 150 mA load

Resistance, input to output: 100 G?


CE certiified, PCB: IEC61373, Terminals: UL/CE,
Optoisolator: UL, Profile & end plates: CE
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