Loadcell Amplifier

Loadcell Amplifier/Transmitter

This unit is very useful tool to interface load cell as an input to the Indicators, controllers, PLC having industry standard analog inputs: current or Voltage


This is a DIN rail mount unit. It can be field mounted near load cell. As signal is amplified and then transmitted from field, it drastically reduces chances of noise pick up.
Output of the amplifier is linearly proportional toweight applied on the sensor.
  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC
  • Input: Load cell
  • Excitation voltage: 10VDC
  • Output: 0-20 mA/4-20mA/0 to 1VDC/0-10VDC/0-5VDC (Factory configured)
  • Enclosure: DIN Rail mounting type, Plastic
  • Size: 45 (W) mm x 75 (H) mm x 112 (D) mm


  • Weighing systems
  • Tension measurement systems
  • Load cell signal amplification and processing
Loadcell Amplifier

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