Loadcell Averaging Circuit

Loadcell Averaging Circuit

This unit is very useful to average the loadcell signals received from 6/4/2 loadcells. In a weighing system more than one loadcells are used for balancing purpose. In such situation the averaging circuit averages the signals connected to the unit and gives averaged mV signal.

If suppose in a system four loadcells are connected. If measured individual signal of loadcells it is found to be 10.5mV, 10.6mV, 10.5mV and 10.4mV. If these loadcells are connected to the averaging circuit then the output will be 10.5mV. Excitation voltage is to be connected to the unit. There is provision of connecting 6 loadcells. Excitation voltage of each loadcell can be fine adjusted. This adjustment is to adjust output from a loadcell.


  • This is a DIN rail or IP65 box mount unit.
  • Lodcells connectable: 6 nos
  • Loadcell input: max 30mV
  • Output: Average of loadcells connected


  • Weighing systems
  • Tension measurement systems
  • Load balancing in a mechanical system
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 Loadcell Averaging Circuit

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