The function of Encoder signal selector:-This selector selects one incremental encoder between two incremental encoders. The two encoders used in the system should be signal compatible. The typical system is shown in the below figure.Signal compatible means if Encoder1 is of type 5V push-pull type then Encoder-2 should be also 5V push-pull type. The PPR of the encoders can differ.Encoder-1 OR Encoder-2 is selected by a 5/24VDC input. If 5/24VDC input is low then Encoder-1 is selected and if 5/24VDC is HIGH then Encoder-2 is selected. The switching time is 1 second. The unselected encoder signals are galvanically isolated from the encoder output. There is no limit on A/B pulse frequency.


  • No limit on A/B PULSE frequency
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Encoder switching time 1 sec
  • Galvanic isolation between unselected encoder and output
  • Encoder -1 and Encoder-2 accepts push-pull inputs +A,-A,+B,-B & +Z,-Z or open collector signals or 4 wire encoder signals like A,B,Z,GND or A,B,Z,24V
  • Power consumption is 0.5W
  • LED indication for encoder selection
  • Transistor type PLC output or Relay type output can be used for select input
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Technical specifications

  • Switching time:1 second
  • Select input:5/24VDC@2mA
  • Encoder switching time 1 sec
  • Galvanic isolation between unselected and output:3.55KV
  • Continuous power dissipation at (or below) 25°C free-air temperature: 500mW


App-1:-Two separate motors can be driven with a single servo drive or VFD drive.The motor
feedbacks from Motor-1 and Motor-2 can be connected to the drive-through an encoder
selector switch as under.

Caution: Please note that the Servo drive/VFD Drive should have a minimum of 2 data sets to run
two separate applications. The two applications can be switched by a selector switch!
App-2:-Encoder selector can be used in any application where encoder is to be changed for different applications.Consider a control system with two conveyors where only one conveyor runs at a time.In this application you can use single encoder interface module in PLC by using encoder selector.Encoders used for conveyors are to be connected as Encoder-1 input and Encoder-2 input.Single output from the Encoder selector is to be connected to encoder interface PLC module.

In above two applications ,the project cost is saved because you are saving one Servo Drive/VFD drive or one incremental encoder interface PLC module.
App-3:-Connecting 3 encoders to a control system

In above case the the following truth table is applicable


Enc Sel-1 SG

Enc Sel-2 SG

Enc Sel-2 Output














  • CE Certified
  • PCB :IEC61373
  • Terminals:UL/CE
  • Profile & end plates : CE
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