Linear Regulated Power Supply

Linear regulated power supply: This is a 24/18/15/10/5 VDC linear regulated power supply and consists a step down transformer. The output voltage can be adjusted with preset, so any non standard output e.g. 12.3/24.4 etc are also possible to set very easily. The output is almost ripple free and can drive resistive and inductive loads. The power supply do not induce any noise. This power supply is ideal for encoders, controllers, sensors, Loadcell amplifiers, Embedded systems, proximity switches, photosensors etc.The output is having short circuit and thermal overload protection. This linear power supply is very cost effective.

SMPS power supply

Sr.No SMPS Power Supply Linear Power Supply

Output Contains ripples

Ripples are almost absent

2 More components hence more chances of failure

Less components, so chance to fail is rare.

3 Complex design so very difficult to diagnose problems even for specialist

Simple design so even ITI /technician can easily repair this.

4 Failure of power supply may sometimes lead to damage of costly equipment connected on it In case of failure the o/p voltage is bridge voltage and that do not exceed o/p Volts+5%
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Technical Specifications Comparison between SM and Linear power supply

i) Regulated power with the following load capacities
5.0VDC 10.0VDC 12.0VDC 15.0VDC 18.0VDC 24.0VDC







 ii) Input: 230 VAC, 50/60Hz
iii) Output has short circuit and thermal overload protection
IV) Surge protection provision for transformer primary
v) DIN rail mountable


1) Reference power supply

2) Auxiliary power supply in the control panel

3) Encoder/Proximity switches/Photosensor/Loadcell amplifier power supply

4) Power supply for Q-Log Encoder splitters/Diff to single-ended converters

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