Relay Board 16 ch,1CO for Mitsubishi PLC


This Relay Interface Module is to be used for connecting Mitsubishi 16 point DO modules with D connector to loads like contactors/solenoid valves/indications etc. Load and PLC o/ps are galvanically isolated.

Component Specifications

  • Relay:24VDC coil,1 changeover Omron

  • Relay socket:1 changeover PCB soldering type

  • Terminals: screw type suitable for 2.5 sq. mm wires

  • Profile and end plates: Phoenix make

Technical Specifications

Input data:
  • Operating voltage : 24 VDC +/- 10%

  • Input current: Max 20mA@24 VDC

  • Protection across relay coil: Freewheeling diode

  • Indication :3mm LED

  • Connection : 25Pin D connector

Output Data:
  • Contact type: SPDT (1 changeover NO-Pole-NC)

  • Max. current:10Amps@250 VAC or 30 VDC

  • Fuse protection: available on request

  • Output wiring: Potential free

  • Terminals: screw type suitable for 2.5 sq. mm wires

  • Conductor size: 025-2.5 sq. mm

  • Module dimensions (HXLXD): 90x253x60 (WxLxH)

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