Redundant Power Supply Modules

Redundant Power Supply Modules

Redundant module for power supply: This module enables user to make redundant power supply in a control system. The module is available in 3 varieties viz. 6Amps, 10 Amps and 25 Amps. Two power supplies are connected in parallel. Initially any one of the two works for the control system and second power supply is standby. When the working power supply fails then standby power supply starts working. Healthy indications of both power supplies are on the module.

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for 6Amps / 10Amps / 25Amps power supplies
  • Input max: 100VDC
  • DIN rail mountable
  • 1000VDC PIV
  • Power supply ON indications


  • To use power supply redundancy in control system
*Caution: Do not use this module for AC supply !

NOTE: Due to continuous product development the product supplied to you may look different than the product image in the pdf file.
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Redundant Power Supply Modules

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