Single Phase Heater Controller

Single Phase Heater Controller

Q-Log Controls and Systems has developed Phase Controlled PMDC drive useful for controlling speed of PMDC motor. The drive works in open loop control. Drive can be supplied as a single phase heater controller or AC light dimmer. The product is completely developed by state of the art facilities at Q-Log Controls & Systems, Pune.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 230 VAC ±10% / 110 VAC ±10%
  • Output: 0-180 VDC / 0-90 VDC
  • Maximum load current: 3 Amp / 6 Amp
  • RMS Speed control: By means of a potentiometer
  • Protection: Overload and short circuit protection using fuse
  • Ratings: 3Amps/6 Amps(other current ratings on demand)
  • Load: PMDC motor/Heating coil/IR or Incandescent Lamp
  • Housing: Powder coated CRC box
  • Size: 135x90x55 (HxWxD
NOTE:- Due to continuous product development the product supplied to you may look different than the product image in the pdf file.
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Single Phase Heater Controller

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