Two Stage Voltage Sensing Relay

Two stage voltage Sensing Relay


Voltage Sensing Relay two stage: Using this module AC or DC voltage levels can be sensed. The input voltage can be up to 2000V.If external voltage has sourcing capacity of 75 mA then the module uses the power from external sensing signal. In case the input supply has sourcing limitations then external 24VDC supply is required. There are two relays and sensing voltage of each relay can be set saperately by a preset. User can use two potential free contacts of two relays for their application.


  • DIN rail mountable
  • LED indication for relay status
  • External power supply/Signal supply selectable by jumper
  • Input voltage can be AC/DC of up to 2000V


  • Voltage safety monitoring
  • Overvoltage monitoring
  • Configuring speed dependent relay by connecting analogue tachogenerator output to the module
  • Safety voltage monitor in Solar pane
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Two Stage  Voltage Sensing Relay

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